Selling Tips

Tips For Helping To Sell Your House Faster And For More Money

Selling a home can be stressful – especially your home! You have to live there while at the same time your house has to be ready to show on a moments notice – not to mention the hassle of having to pull up your family and pets and vacate the house at a moment’s notice. Buyers are usually most interested in your home right after it’s listed and the few weeks following, so it pays to be ready. Here are a few tips that can help you put your best foot forward coming listing time.

Take The Emotion Out Of It.

When selling your home, real-estate professionals will often refer to it as a “house.” There is a reason for this. Selling and buying real estate is often an emotional decision, but when selling real estate you need to remove emotion from the equation.

Think of your house as a marketable commodity, not your loving house. It’s just property. Your goal is to get others to see it as their potential home, not yours. If you do not consciously make this decision, you can inadvertently create a situation where it takes longer to sell your property.

Make Your Home Their Home.

Buyers want to be able to picture themselves in the home. Clean it up. You may be comfortable in the house, but you have to think of it from the home-buyer’s perspective. Remove the clutter from your home. This might involve removing some furniture to make the rooms look bigger. And don’t forget to put away family photographs and personal items. Remember, you want the new potential buyer to feel at home.

Curb Appeal: Make A Great First Impression.

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but your home’s exterior can often make or break a deal even before it gets a chance to get started. Fresh paint. Trimmed bushes. A manicured lawn. Don’t overlook the importance of your home’s curb appeal. You might not get another chance to make a first impression. Your home’s exterior is the first thing a buyer sees. And when you’re selling a home, appearances mean a lot. Make a great first impression. Set your home apart with stellar curb appeal.

Be The Showpiece Of The Neighborhood.

Attract attention and to make it a little more memorable with custom designs or additions. Unique landscaping, a new roof, or a custom door are a few things that can help improve your home’s appearance. Plus it may even add value to your home. But remember, don’t go hog wild. Improvements should be practical and use colors and designs that will appeal to the widest audience.

Any changes should fit into the neighborhood and complement your home and its other amenities. And don’t spend a lot. You want to be sure to get your investment back in the price of the home.

Windows And Doors

Check all of your windows to make sure they open and close easily. If not, a spray of WD40 often helps. Make sure there are no cracked or broken windowpanes. If there are, replace them before you begin showing your home.

Do the same things with the doors – make sure they open and close properly, without creaking. If they do, a shot of WD40 on the hinges usually makes the creak go away. Be sure the doorknobs turn easily, and that they are cleaned and polished to look sharp. As buyers go from room to room, someone opens each door and you want to do everything necessary to create a positive impression.

Plumbing And Fixtures

Potential buyers light to kick the tires, so to speak. They flick light switches. They open everything with a handle. They turn on all the faucets and flush all the toilets. Having nice shiny fixtures makes an impression. The sink and tub fixtures should look shiny and new. If this can’t be accomplished by cleaning, buy new ones. But don’t buy something expensive. Keep it simple. Then make sure the knobs are easy to turn and that the faucets don’t leak. If they do, replace the washers. Also check to make sure you have good water pressure and that there are no stains in the sinks or tubs.

Sweeten the Deal

Make your home and deal more attractive to buyers by sweetening the deal a bit. Offer credit toward closing costs or offer to pay closing costs entirely. In some cases this will make your home more attractive to house hunters looking at similar homes. Buyers are always looking for a deal. Do your best to make them feel they’re getting one.

Make It Move-In Ready

Home buyers want to move in and make themselves at home right away. Looks are important, but it’s also important that doors, appliances and electrical and plumbing fixtures be in compliance with current building codes and in working order.

The idea is to have the home in move-in condition and to give potential buyers the impression that they will be able to move right in, relax and start enjoying their new home, rather than spending time and money fixing it up.

What Stinks?

Pets. You may love ‘em, but the truth is they come with odors. You might be used to the smell, but potential home buyers notice them as soon as they walk in the door.

Got cats? Be sure to empty kitty litter boxes daily and use plenty of baking soda. For dog owners, keep your pooch outdoors as much as possible. You might also try sprinkling carpet freshener on the carpet from time to time.

Are you a smoker? Smoke outdoors while trying to sell your home. Purchase an ozone spray that helps to remove odors without creating a masking odor.

Price It Right.

Regardless of how well you fix up and stage your home, if you price your home too high, it may not sell. If you price it too low, you could be leaving money on the table. Remember, you don’t always have to be the lowest priced home on the block, particularly when aesthetic and other significant improvements have been made. It’s important that the price is not out of line with other comparable homes in the market. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes to help determine what a fair price might be.

And don’t go it alone. Be sure to use a professional, local real estate agent – one that knows your area.