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Get Pre-Approved

Buying? Get Pre-Approved.

Even if you’re just thinking of buying a new home, the most important first step you can make in buying a home is finding out how much you can afford. But a pre-approval does much more than that. Getting pre-approved also gives you the added advantage of being ready to make an offer when the opportunity comes up. Buying a home can be a daunting endeavor. Give yourself peace of mind and take some of the guesswork out of the process even before you see your first home.

Get Pre-Approved Now

Show them you’re ready to buy!

Given the current state of the housing market, sellers are very reluctant to accept an offer without a pre-approval. A pre-approval puts you in the position you want to be when you find that perfect house.

Know your limits and buying power.

It’s as much about what you’re comfortable spending as what you are actually qualified to spend. A pre-approved mortgage helps you understand all of the actual costs involved in buying a home and can help you refine your home search based on your budget.

Get an accurate credit rating.

Did you know that the credit used by a mortgage company is different than the credit reports you can get online? Guess which one the mortgage company will want to use?

Most lenders do not charge for a pre-approval.

Have peace of mind knowing that you are actually pre-approved with a no-cost, no- obligation pre-approval from a local mortgage professional in your area.

Identify potential problems with your credit history.

An experienced professional mortgage lender can help you correct any mistakes which may improve your credit score!

Know how much down payment will be required.

Your down payment can affect the type of loan you can get and the type of property you can buy. For instance, a low down payment can restrict the type of home, second home, or investment property you are looking to buy.

Know how long will your loan term be?

30 year? 15 year? Knowing the answers before you get in too deep can save you big bucks over the length of the loan, regardless of the term.