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Should I Use A Realtor To Sell My Home?

Over 90 percent of home sales are done with some type of real estate agent. And for good reason. Working with someone that really understands your local market can be a great benefit for home sellers. At Should I Buy Or, we are mortgage experts, not real estate agents, but we can help connect you with local professionals that we trust.

Here are a few more reasons hiring a local real estate pro is the smart way to go:

Education And Experience: A good realtor understands the complex procedure and paperwork involved in selling a home.

Time Saver: They do the leg work so you won’t have to spend time scheduling and conducting tours of your home.

Gauging Offers: An agent can help discern the real buyers from those who are simply kicking tires.

Local Knowledge: A good realtor knows your local market and understand trends, which can impact your sale price.

Negotiation: An agent has the negotiating skills to help you get a good price.

Professional Contacts: Your agent’s contacts with other realtors and with contractors, inspectors, landscapers makes the whole process go smoother.

Higher Sale Price: In some cases, buyers will offer less money to someone who’s not using an agent, believing the seller is trying to save money by not paying commission.

Agent Caravans: Agents sometimes conduct open houses just for buyer agents where buyer agents arrive in groups ("caravans") and check out the house. This is usually a quick process, is more convenient than a traditional open house and allows buyer agents in the area to tell their clients about your home.

MLS: A key tool for real estate agents is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a massive online database, which 900,000 agents subscribe to, that contains listings of 90 percent of properties for sale across the United States [ref]. Usually, only subscribing agents can list properties, though in some cases home sellers can pay a fee to list their property.